“My rookie year has been amazing thanks William. Based on my personality and style of play he has placed me on a team and in a league he knew I would excel in. Any problem I have had this year,  he has always been available with quick responses and solutions. He makes himself available day or night and even checks in frequently and makes sure I am doing well. I can honestly say i made the best choice possible by choosing the Lovett Sports Management family.”
–G’mrice Davis, WNBA & Greece

“Lovett Sports Management has helped me jump start my career as a professional athlete. In making any major and/or minor decisions, Billy is always one phone call away. His hard work and dedication to creating opportunities that are beneficial to my career has been relentless. We have built our relationship on honesty and integrity, and for that, I have trusted him entirely. Undoubtedly, with Lovett Sports Management, you will be in great hands!”
–Danaejah Grant, WNBA & Israel

Jerusalem LovettSports.com

William Lovett helped me realize my childhood dream of playing basketball at the professional level. As my agent, he found a team in Italy that was a great fit for me during my rookie year, and continually made sure I was well taken care of throughout the season. I am very grateful for his representing me, and highly recommend his efforts to those who are interested in representation!
-Aliyah Huland-El, Italy

“William Lovett works very hard for me as a client. Communication is big for me, and I feel like the communication is good. He gets back to me in a timely manner and cares about what I have said and also cares about me as an athlete and a person. I look forward to working more with him in the future.”
–Jordan Hooper, WNBA & Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey LovettSports.com

“I signed with Lovett 4 years ago right out of college. I graduated with good stats and a solid career but I was not a prospect for the WNBA. William told me from the beginning what this business was all about and he told me that I was going to have to work hard to get places. At the same time he told me he was going to work tirelessly to get me to those places. He has never let me down. I am so happy to call him my agent because I know he has my career and my best interests in his heart. Whenever issues come up over in Europe he is always one phone call away and they get handled swiftly.

William cares for me as a person as well and it is nice having someone like him on my team in a business that is so cut throat. I highly recommend him as an agent to anyone who is serious about excelling as a professional basketball player.”
–Marissa Kastanek, Poland

“Lovett Sports stand firm and work hard for their clients. I am more than satisfied with the hard work and time they have put in to make sure my career keeps moving forward. They are dedicated to every aspect of my professional career and are always there when needed, keeping honest and making sure things always go according to plan. These guys are definitely my choice for anyone looking to begin a great career, or even continue one.”
–Maurita Reid, Poland

Krakow, Poland LovettSports.com

Coming out of college and trying to figure things out was one challenge but trying to find a agent that truly had my best interest was another. When William and the Lovett Sports Agency presented themselves to me I knew going with them would be the right choice for me.

Since William has become my agent I have received great offers from teams all over the world in great leagues! He works very hard to make sure he is presenting the best opportunity to his clients and he has a great line of open communication. If there is a time you need him for anything he is there no questions asked. Signing with Lovett Sports Agency was truly one of the best decisions I have ever made!
–Teana Muldrow, WNBA & Israel

“Lovett Sports Management has truly worked hard to help me in my professional career, William communicates effectively and continues
to keep me focused on any goal we set. Transitioning from college to professional was an easy task thanks to LSM
whom assisted me every step of the way. I’m blessed to be apart of this agency.”
-Sarah Toeania, United Kingdom

NBA, LovettSports.com

“At this point in my career when many doors had been closed to me… William continued to support me and worked very hard to find me opportunities on and off the court. Their integrity, dedication and persistence were very evident through their actions. If you’re looking for an agency that will be truthful and conscientious about your personal needs and desires, then these are the guys for you.”
–Vin Baker, 4-Time NBA All-Star

“…the best agents a player can ask for, they are professional, helpful, and supportive. They strive to get their clients to the highest level possible, and help to push you farther. They have helped me both on and off the court, and I truly believe, they are the best agents
in the  business.”
–Chris Holm, Japan

Mt. Fuji Japan, LovettSports.com

“Lovett Management has been a huge help in my jump from college to the professional level. They are truly interested in my personal development on and off the court and getting me to the highest level of basketball possible. I have had a great experience…because of their dedication to me and the personal relationship we have developed.”
–Tim Clifford, Germany

Berlin, Germany LovettSports.com

I am a firm believer that Lovett Sports Management has your best interest in mind; personally and professionally.  They are hard working and straightforward, along with their knowledge and personal experience in basketball and sports, only helps to make them much more understanding and loyal to their clients.”
–James Holmes, Spain

Madrid Spain LovettSports.com